Monday, October 1, 2012

Multiply 之 MY PET

OCT 30, '07 9:47 PM

Actually i do talk about my pet in Jess blog last time. here again the story..

See, how cute they WERE. looks like they were smiling huh.. from the left, Dada(大大) the son of Lulu, Lulu the mother and NiNi (2 in foo chow ) the daugher of Lulu..

We din buy Lulu, happened one day we found her under our car and so scared. After checked with our neighbourhood, confirmed she;s belong to no body, we decided to have her as we afraid she would kena bully if just went out like that.. she's still young that time, but i can't judge how old was she..

Why i named her Lulu, as she always showed her blur blur face but actually she's smart!

Dada as he was the biggest among 7 sibblings.

NiNi, Ni in foo chow is 2, as she's smaller than Dada, so we called her Ni Ni.

they already passed away on 29 dec 2003 :~( (They were in my hometown)

They were poisoned by the thieves in the early morning. of coz the thieves r not able to break in my house as my house got alarm and full for grill/internal lock.

I got the call from my sis about 10am, i rushed in toilet and cried non-stop !! even until now, when i think of them, my eyes will still get red.. we hav lots of sweet memory together, especially Lulu, i saw how diffcult her gave birth of 7 and
accompany me when i was down...

whenever i saw some similar dogs, hubby will said" future we rear one again". but i refuse, as i afraid to be sad again..
OK, finish the sad story. must cheer up now..



  1. 人非草木,當然會傷心自己的愛犬離開。。。。

    1. 是咯,即使是现在回想,还是很心痛。。。

  2. Replies
    1. 你知道我最怕karma 的啦,可是那时我都忍不住要诅咒那贼。。。

  3. Very cruel thieves, later will have balasan geh