Thursday, September 24, 2009

24 September 09 - Complaint

this morning my fren complained me being lazy and hardly update my blog, that's why here i am now. hehe...

actually after a week after my last check up, i got infection by candidiasis. this is actually very common for a pregnant woman so i din go to see doctor immediately as i thought it will recover soon by itself. but after about a week, i know it's time for me to see doctor again.

honestly, although this is my 2nd pregnancy, it just like first to me. why i say so? as many FIRST time happen to me, just like this candidiasis, i never experience this during my last pregnancy.

doctor told me candidiasis is common and asked me not to worry, then do scanning for me again. and this round, doctor still said is a girl....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

8 Sept 09

About a month never update my blogspot, as since i was jobless at home, i spend less time to online.

yesterday just had my check up again, dr said everything good and bb is so active. this round doctor told me high chance is a girl. *wink

my morning sickenss getting better but still cannot eat too much. sometimes after eat, will still feel like vomit.

really hope the suffer can over soon~~