Thursday, September 24, 2009

24 September 09 - Complaint

this morning my fren complained me being lazy and hardly update my blog, that's why here i am now. hehe...

actually after a week after my last check up, i got infection by candidiasis. this is actually very common for a pregnant woman so i din go to see doctor immediately as i thought it will recover soon by itself. but after about a week, i know it's time for me to see doctor again.

honestly, although this is my 2nd pregnancy, it just like first to me. why i say so? as many FIRST time happen to me, just like this candidiasis, i never experience this during my last pregnancy.

doctor told me candidiasis is common and asked me not to worry, then do scanning for me again. and this round, doctor still said is a girl....


  1. wat is candidiasis wor????

    Congrats for carrying a bb gal... *drooling*

  2. congrat congrat.....tigress coming soon..hehe

    kekeke...SNN drooling kah ? fast2 make a tigress too loh ! haha

  3. hahahah... HS drooling, fast2 get tiger girl too lor...

    ya lor, wat is candidiasis?

    ur friend complaint, who ah? kekekekee

  4. Congratulation ! Tigress, hehe......

    candidiasis = 念珠菌病. very deep wor.

    疾病别名 :念珠菌性外阴阴道炎 念珠菌性龟头包皮炎
    所属部位 :生殖部位 皮肤 全身
    就诊科室 :妇科 中医科 传染科 性病科 中西医结合科 生殖健康
    症状体征 :尿频伴尿急和尿痛 脓疱 结节 溃疡 瘙痒 囊肿


  5. This SNN ah. kekeke sipek funny..

    thks every body. hopefully really a girl la. haha

  6. an neth ah... u paste the explanation here kan even confuse ppl more? keke

    it's actually 俗称阴道发炎咯。candidiasis is kind of fungus. read this better explanation.



      75% 的女性一生中至少患过一次霉菌性阴道炎。女性怀孕后性激素水平高,加上阴道充血、分泌旺盛、外阴湿润等,创造了一个非常有利于霉菌生长的环境。

      症状: 外阴有明显瘙痒,灼痛感,白带为较稠的白色或黄白色凝乳状或豆腐渣样;阴道壁往往有充血。有时还有尿频、尿痛。

  7. hk, u better fast fast lah, ask me pulak... kekeke

    ami, if u can guaranteed me a gal, sure i will try de... kakaka

  8. adui this neth, the long explanation... LOL

    this sigui jenn, said lah 阴道发炎, apa candidiasis jeh... hehe

  9. this SNN, really kiam piak wo.....
    candidiasis is the name of fungus tat cause infection mah. piak!. keke

  10. wow, a gal? good wo! congrats.

  11. complaint? hahaha.....are you refering me?
    i can't leave comments in your blog in office, so need to do it at home.

    i also dun un what is candidiasis ler, right now baru paham.

  12. thks J Sky..

    SH, pandai wo. wahahha...
    well, learnt a lesson about candidiasis huh. hehe..

  13. a GIRL....good to you. Wish you luck and smooth pregnancy.

  14. Jenn, you should have update your profile to be SAHM now, no more working mom lar.