Friday, October 9, 2009

9 Oct 2009

Seems like if i don hav check-up, i won update my blog huh.. hehe.

And yes, yesterday i just had my check-up again, doc said SHE is fine, with sharp chin, according to all measurement should be 19weeks now. weight 306gm. Imagaine, she is just 306gm but i gain more than 3kg already. hehe.. my weight now is 59kg.

hubby and i plan to C-set on 22 Feb or 23 Feb 2010. still thinking which date to choose since still plenty of time from now. wat do u think? 2202 better or 2302 ? hehe..


  1. Congrats fren, cfmd a gal wo! :)

    Hey, I prefer 2202! hehe..

  2. I prefer 2202 too and so happy for you that have a pair now haha

  3. haha.. okok, 2202 got 2 votes..