Friday, January 29, 2010

34 weeks - 23 Jan 2010

Again, i update here late. this time not due to laziness, but something happen in my family. my father-in-law passed away last Friday (22Jan2010). It happened too sudden, we suspected it was heart attack.


Due to this, i went for check up alone, doctor told me the same, everything is fine.
BB weight = 2.7kg
My weight = 69kg

Lately i always felt my tummy tight, hopefully everything smooth..

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Update for 32 weeks

I suppose blog this last 2 weeks but due to laziness, i drag until now. hehe..

bb weight: 2.2kg
mummy weight: 68.5kg (wow! hehe)

can feel my bb moving more often in my tummy. kinda active, especially night

we already booked the date for c-sec which is 22 Feb 2010, for time, we suppose book at 10am but doctor only available at 12noon.

my next check up is 2 weeks later (which actually is this saturday...), the date getting closer and closer and i'm yet to prepare the check list. Em.....