Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Multiply 之 I'M LOUSY MUM

NOV 7, '07 11:33 AM

So happy seeing all other mummies's kids develop so well. but why my boy never wan to learn?

No matter what i teach him, he just ignore, 1 day when he is happy, then he may do. For eg. clapping hand. he clap one when he want to do so.. we teach him to wave "bye bye", he will push our hand away when we hold his hand.

We teach him "mum mum" or "nen nen". but he just don pronounse those start with "M, N, E, Y". he like his own talk of "P, D, G". Yes, until now he still can;t tell "mum mum or nen nen" of coz not mummy as well.. i try hard way to teach him as well, when i know that is feeding time, i let him cry and force him to say nen nen or mum mum, he just cry cry cry... louder and louder.. i even leave him alone in the playpen and force him, but he just keep crying only.. 


i bougth him flash card, he play it as a toy.. whenever i want to show him and teach him, he just push it away.. he like it, as a toy.. and he like books as well, he can play with the book for very long time..

i found that he is stubborn and like to against what we said or teach.. not sure whether he really don understand or just pretend it..

my best fren told me, some baby is like that, they learn in their heart, one day u will surprise he actually lean all, just they don wan to express out...

maybe my way of teaching is wrong?
I really don know how to teach him liao..  so kek sim...
p/s oh yeah, he only understand when i say NO.. & he is going to be 13mth old this weekend..

~~~SIGH ~~~

应该叫 ivychong 来读读这一篇,呵呵呵。。。


  1. Why calling Ivy Chong to read this?

    1. Kan she always worry that her iy slow? Let her see back my zq dulu also semacam ma, kekeke..

  2. baru 13mon wo....norm lah....

    1. Mana normal, u see ur jy, kan can call mamak liao ? Kkkkkk

  3. 也许他对书本比较有兴趣吧!