Friday, September 14, 2012


OCT 17, '07 4:34 PM

Yesterday brought ZheQi for 1yr old injection (sorry, can't remember the injection name)
here is the conversation between doc and me:

Doc: can walk already ?
me: ~shake head~
Doc: (surprisingly) huh? this kind of size should be able to walk lo
me: cannot oh. even crawl just recently only ..
Doc: ......
Doc: come stand here and measure the height
me: ......(as ZheQi keep moving while standing there with my support, difficult to take measurement..)
Doc: hm.. ok, 80cm, quite tall ah him..
as the weight scale in doc's room is that for baby one, not suitable for Zhe Qi liao, so doctor say after injection only go outside use adult weight scale woh...

Injection time,
me: no need to put him on the bed kah?
Doc: no need lo, big boy liao, u just carry him and turn his backside to me..
ngm~ngm~~ silent~~
(hah, luckily my brave boy din really cry)

weighting time,
i put Zhe Qi on the scale but still holding him, of coz this won accurate, but what to do? Zhe Qi can't stand by himself yet.
so end up i weight together with Zhe Qi, our weight - my weight = Zhe Qi 's weight = 12kg

oh ya, Zhe Qi now only with 4 teeths..


  1. Haha brave boy backside meaty also, boh rasa.

    1. tat time whole body also meaty ma kakakaka...