Wednesday, August 5, 2009

5 August 09

After the black out, hubby did ask me go for check up but since everything just normal, i said no need. but last nite b4 sleep, i found some discharge again.. hm... was it a bad sign. so i tell myself, if continue having it next day, i must pi see doctor.

this morning, still on and off got some discharge so decided better go see doctor.

After the scanning, doctor said everything just find, bb is very active and growing accordingly. 10weeks old, 38.3mm.

doctor scan and scan then asked me wat i hav for 1st child, then i answered a son... she said "oh.. this might be son again but not very sure yet"..... em.. i LOL when doctor told me tat. not due to happy or unhappy.. as from the moment i knew i'm preggie, i don really think of wat sex of bb i'm having now. as all already firmed, no point to think. just wish my bb could be healthy will do.


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