Friday, August 14, 2009

14 August 09

Next friday will be my last day in current company. Not due to better offer from other company but jobless at home.

This pregnancy is really a hard time for me as i hav a cranky son. whenever he can't sleep well, i also can't sleep well. so end up most of the time i have not enuf sleep and fall sick. like my black out case, my doctor said could due to lack of sleep too. Ya, i think i had no enuf sleep for tat few nites as my son's having fever and i woke up few times to check his temperature..

so after discuss with hubby, he agreed let me stop work tempoary until gave birth.

it's actually a good news to me as i always wish to be SAHM (stay at home mom). Although just temporary, better than nothing. hehe..

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