Monday, December 14, 2009

5 December 2009

Just some update for my latest check up.
mummy's weight = 65kg
bb weight = 1.3kg
doctor comment bb size is slightly bigger than actual, but it's alright. from the measurement, bb is 28weeks, but if count by date, should be 27week, just one week different.

From the ultrasound, doctor comment she got same chin with her elder brother. hehe.... and doctor said she should hav lots of hair too.... but for me, most important is HEALTHY.


  1. snn, u still seeing jane woo now?? confirm deliver at Gleneagles liao?

  2. snn is calling another snn? so who is snn actually? wakakakaka...

  3. haha dr so cute telling you she will have gor gor chin and thick hair. Good checkup.

  4. Happy to hear the GOOD new. oh SNN oh SNN ! do you think the SNN will answer SNN's question? kekeke.........

  5. SNN HS, yes, still seing Jane woo, and i think i HAVE to confirm deliver at gleneagles right? already 7mths liao wo. keke

    J, SNN HS tried to push the SNN title here and there lo, wat else?

    oh vicky, not only this, the doctor actually said the mouth and chin is the same with gorgor wo.

    Neth, don confuse ppl here again, so many SNN de? hehe

  6. so good. you not snap photo ya? tummy very big now?

  7. no wo vivian, din purposely snap photo...
    tummy ah, not very big compare to last preggie... hehe