Thursday, July 30, 2009

25 July 09

Hubby said no harm to see back Dr. Liew again since still got something in the sac. so we follow the apointment date tat made earlier with dr liew and came to see her again.

i think i'll continue see 2 gynae until 2nd trimester. hehe..

After scan, dr liew commented the "thing" inside the sac is getting smaller, and bb growing accordingly too. so should be good sign. Yet she still as me continue take medicine and a jab since yet to pass the 1st trimester. next appointment will be 2 weeks later.

i ask hubby if still want to come back after 2 weeks, he said why not, since another apointment with dr woo will be a month later. good to hav another check up before tat too. by then only we final decide which doctor to choose..

since bb is growing well, we r not so worry now. yet still have to be careful..

for my morning sickness, getting worst. altho i don't vomit, my stomach feel very uncomfy, no appertite to eat, but if don eat, the feeling is killing me, so i hav to force myself eat. honestly, when eating time, it back to normal. But after eat, the stomach feel unfomfy again.. big sigh..

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