Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Multiply 之 Crying for Mummy and Daddy

SEP 25, '07 9:05 PM

I'm more lucky than many parents, everyday i'll fetch back my ZheQi after work from my mil place. Although it's tired, it worth it.

Remember when i was outstation in May 2007, i almost call him everyday as i afraid he couldn't sleep well at my in law place. Thru phone, i kept telling him that "Zhe Qi be good boy ah, must listen to Maa Maa ah, most important is sleep ah". i don know whether he understand or not, but i just keep telling him the same when i called. As my in law place has no air cond and Zhe Qi very scare of hot, so he couldn't sleep well there.

So no matter how, i'll always wan to fetch him back to sleep no matter how late.

Last month 1 nite, my house had no electricity, so i had no choice and sent Zhe Qi to my mil there for overnite, as i think fan is better than nothing. Electricity came back arround 1am.

The next day, my mil told me Zhe Qi slept not well, turn here and there, until almost 3am only asleep ... after hearing this, i was so regret that i sent him to my mil place. if not, at least he could sleep at 1am not 3am.

Few days later, my hubby and i went for JackyCheung concert. i said i wan to fetch bb back after the concert but my mil said nevermind, let him overnite there, as the concert will end late. OK lo, even hubby said let bb sleep with mil as well. So i told Zhe Qi "tonite u sleep at maa maa there ah, but if u really don wan, u just let us know ok? good boy ya" (everytime when i want to leave him with his maa maa, sure i'll tell him, i don care if he understand or not, i just feel like i must tell him)

End up what happen? 11pm somthing my bil called and said Zhe Qi didnt wan to sleep. so they will fetch him back to my house first.

when i reached home at 1am, he slept so well on my bed. "oh my baby, i know u wan to sleep with mummy..." 

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